The 2nd International Import Expo: Atlas Copco presents in the Swedish Pavilion
Company news

National Convention and Exhibition Center, November 6, 2019: Helena Sångeland, Swedish Ambassador; Lisette Lindahl, Swedish Consul General,; Swedish Commercial Agency and the Swedish Energy Agency held the opening ceremony of the Swedish Pavilion at 10:00 a.m. in the 2nd International Import Expo. At the same time, it also highlights our message of This is Atlas Copco - "Home of Industrial Ideas" and our sustainable development in all walks of life in China.


At the scene of the 2nd International Import Expo, there are a crowd of political and business scholars and representatives of international organizations visited and learned with each other in the “National Pavilion” which is quite creative and interesting.


Last year, more than 40 Swedish companies jointly participated in the event with Swedish Pavilion. Visitors consulted, experienced, cooperated with the exhibited companies. This year, Atlas Copco once again presented in the Swedish Pavilion. And as per the theme of Swedish Pavilion “Innovative and Sustainable Solutions for the Next Generation of Travel and Transportation”, Atlas Copco displayed the typical cases of our innovative products from our four business areas   – Compressor Technique, Industrial Technique, Power Technique and Vacuum Technique.


CASE 1: Hyperloop will reinvent transportation to eliminate the barriers of distance and time. Vacuum is the key enabler for high speed of Hyperloop. The lower the speed the easier it is to go fast. If Hyperloop is travelling at 1000 kph, it will take just 6 minutes to cover 100 km, 12 minutes to cover 200 km. This is a step change from what we know today and is only possible using the latest vacuum technology that currently enables everyday world around us.


CASE 2: Thousands of Atlas Copco's dedicated compressed air systems for rail transit have been installed for high-speed rail, urban rail, locomotive and other rail transit projects. As a source of brake air, Atlas Copco is perfectly safe.


CASE 3: We have leveraged its cutting edge technologies to provide high-quality and reliable vacuum solutions for new energy vehicles industries, such as coating, LED and especially Li-battery industry which is the core part of the industry.


CASE 4: Smart Connected Assembly - powering smart manufacturing of cars, airplanes, high-speed trains and ships through assembly data traced and analyzed.


CASE 5: The new Atlas Copco air compressor air-end is used to reduce the fuel consumption of the air compressor by 12%. It is a new generation of green and efficient construction machinery that can effectively serve urban road maintenance.


Atlas Copco is everywhere to provide value and create future for our all stakeholders.