1. Please briefly introduce your working experience at Atlas Copco!


In 1996, I joined Atlas Copco (Wuxi) Compressor Co., Ltd. as a blue color, and later I also worked as a tester and production line leader.




In 2003, through the internal job market, I moved to Atlas Copco Rental and grew from a maintenance engineer to a maintenance supervisor.


Since 2011, I have been working as a technician, responsible for solving various technical problems from customers and internal sales and maintenance engineers in the company. Many colleagues are willing to analyze problems and discuss solutions with me. I am also willing to help each other and make progress together.


As time flies, I have been with Atlas Copco for 25 years, and my colleagues called me from "Little Zhou" to "Old Zhou".

  1. How do you feel working in Atlas Copco for 25 years


For me, I spent my youth at Atlas Copco, but it was Atlas Copco that gave me enough support and trust to make me who I am today.


Looking back over the past 25 years, I have experienced various work challenges. The guidance and encouragement of leaders, the communication and support from colleagues, and the recognition from customers have constantly encouraged me to exert my maximum potential and move forward steadily in my career growth.


  1. What attracts you most at Atlas Copco?


Atlas Copco has family culture. What attracts me the most is the safe and healthy working environment, open and cooperative working atmosphere, and equal and diverse growth opportunities provided by the company to all the employees.


During the Spring Festival of 2020, despite the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, my colleagues and I resolutely drove to the site of a major project related to people's livelihood to provide equipment test services. Since the customer was in the north, the weather was cold, and the epidemic was sudden, the isolated dormitory had not been installed with heating, the supply of three meals was also very tight, and the living conditions are very difficult. When learned about our situation at that time, the company immediately coordinated various resources to solve the problem for us, which was particularly heart-warming.


In these 25 years, I have also been honored to witness the rapid development of Atlas Copco Group, and the company's spirit of continuous innovation focusing on the future is also what attracts me.


  1. What is the main motivation or motivation for you to embrace different work challenges?


At Atlas Copco, all employees are responsible for their own professional development, which I think is very inspiring. It stresses the importance of employees being proactive and accountable to themselves.


With the support of the company and leaders, I have developed a clear career plan for myself and have been making continuous efforts in this direction. We can get growth opportunities through technical accumulation, and we can also apply for positions in different departments within Atlas Copco Group and grow through cross-department and cross-field learning and work.


  1. In these 25 years, what impressed you the most?


In February 2021, there was a nuclear power program coincided during the Chinese Spring Festival. It was my first time at the service site across the years. From the required isolation for epidemic prevention and control until the completion of the project, I stayed at the site for a whole month. Although those days were hard, but as service engineers, no matter when and where we are, we shall fulfill the responsibility and commitment to provide the best service and value to our customers.




Of course, I always feel a great sense of achievement when customers express their praise and recognition to Atlas Copco products and services.


  1. How do you balance work and life?


I am optimistic and cheerful, and I like to get along with my colleagues. The company encourages us to have work-life balance to maintain passion and energy. After work, I like fishing. Over the years, this hobby has not only made me a lot of good friends, but also made me more open-minded and more peaceful.


Due to the needs of work, I usually travel a lot. Whenever I have time, I also like to cook for my family and cherish the good time with them.


In the past 25 years, what has changed is age and experience, but what remains unchanged is the support and trust with the company and colleagues. At Atlas Copco, there are many such excellent employees who are passionate about their work, actively embrace new challenges, create value with their labor, and brighten a better life. As the Labor Day that belongs to all workers is approaching, let us praise and cheer for them together.