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As Atlas Copco celebrates 100 years in the UK, we get to know our team better and share some memories of Atlas Copco over their careers

Our current Year in Industry student, George, has been interviewing members of the Power Technique Team to gather some memories and some insight into why Atlas Copco stands the test of time.


Paula Phillips
Paula Phillips

What is your current role at Atlas Copco?
I work as a PA and with admin, I also support the marketing team and am fleet manager.

What do these roles entail?
The PA role means I am the secretary of items such as company group events, organising transport and any travel or hotel bookings etc. Then the admin side of my role means I deal with invoicing and things like that, I do a lot of general support, helping with anything really, and now I’m dealing with fleet management too, so, the management of the company cars.

How long have you been working at Atlas Copco?
I have been working at Atlas Copco for 17 and a half years! It’s gone very quickly.

Have you always worked in similar roles to the roles you are currently in?
I have actually had a variety of different roles; from working with the Compressor Division in marketing, a bit of credit control work, and in the service department dealing with spare parts orders. So I have really done a wide range of roles here.

What has been your favourite memory whilst working at Atlas Copco?
I think when I was told I got the PA job for the Construction and Mining division, as it was known then, but is now Power Technique. I really wasn’t expecting it and I was delighted, but I was shocked because I was actually doing three roles in Construction and Mining at the time, and it was quite a lot of work, and then I was told I got the PA job and it made everything better and easier. I really enjoy the role I am doing at the moment.

Which Power Technique product would you describe yourself as?
I think I have two, so I’m just going to say both. The first is possibly a generator, because nothing really works without a generator to power it. Or, maybe a pump because a pump is at the heart of everything. So I think both of those are good options and fit with me.