RTEX wins Executive Hire Show's Innovation Award

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Atlas Copco’s RTEX pneumatic breaker won first prize in the 2017 Executive Hire Show's Innovation Trail Award in the face of tough competition.

The Award recognises the RTEX’s groundbreaking design that reduces air consumption by 50% whilst making it 25% lighter. Having been selected by a third party judging panel including independent hirers, all finalists were mystery shopped by the judging panel during the show. Atlas Copco showcased a range of innovative construction products designed with the hire industry in mind - alongside the RTEX were the 8 Series portable compressor, the HiLight H5+ light tower and the P3500i compact portable generator.

When developing the RTEX, Atlas Copco reviewed the fundamental mechanism used in pneumatic breakers which discharge air whenever the piston moves up or down. RTEX only consumes air on the piston’s return stroke.

Air from the innovative chamber on top of the breaker is used to push the piston down without discharging any compressed air. This allowed the piston to be longer and heavier which improves the energy transfer from the stroke mechanism to the chisel. It also reduces vibrations at the core - the pressure on top of the acting piston is constant so does not generate vibrations like conventional breakers, removing the need for vibration damping.

By moving the valve to the bottom of the breaker the operation utilizes minimal energy and gives high impact power. Weighing only 25 kg, the RTEX has the breaking performance of top class 30-35 kg breakers. RTEX is more compact, making it easier to work in tight areas and offering a more comfortable working position.

Stiff handles ensure the operator benefits from the RTEX’s vibration reduction measures regardless of how hard they push down on the handles. Combined with the Sofstart™ function, the stiff handles make it very easy to control the RTEX particularly when making that crucial first cut.

At Atlas Copco, we are constantly delivering innovative products and services and set new environmental standards. The RTEX pneumatic breaker is an excellent example of how our commitment to innovation also benefits our customers.

Keith Lambourne , Business Line Manager