Air Plus, Atlas Copco’s distributor in Belgium, sharing its experience with the QAC TwinPower range

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Mark Adams, Sales & Marketing Director at Air Plus, shares his experience with the latest TwinPower Stage V solution. At Air Plus headquarters in Zemst, Belgium, Adams explains why their customers have decided to work with Atlas Copco’s QAC TwinPower generators before relying on other options.

“One of our customers, who is active in the offshore industries, is very excited with this product, the Atlas Copco TwinPower”, remarked Adams. When asked about the reasons, the Sales & Marketing Director answered: “Because of the flexibility, the small footprint and the fuel efficiency”. Fully loaded, the QAC TwinPower offers two engines in a single container, solving load issues and reducing fuel consumption up to 40% on variable load applications.

Adams also pointed out the power availability offered by the QAC TwinPower generator range as one of its main strengths. The service requirement is less than 2 hours of maintenance for every 500 hours of operation. Due to the TwinPower concept, it is possible to still benefit from 50% of the unit’s total capacity during maintenance operations.

Air Plus, a close-knit family business founded in 2000, became an official dealer and service partner of Atlas Copco in 2017. Now, they are a reference in the mobile solutions market in Central Europe, providing customers with generators and air compressors.