40,000 hours lifespan

This translates to more than 5.000 cycles, or over 1.600 days of continuous operation.

Hybrid system

The two models in the Medium range offer rated power of 15kVA and 45kVA, and energy storage capacity of 45kWh. The units are easy to connect to the generator thanks to a wide range of socket options.

ZERO fuel and CO2 emissions

It helps operators to dramatically reduce their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while delivering optimal performance with zero noise and virtually no maintenance.

70% more compact and lighter in weight

High-density lithium-ion batteries are lighter than other technologies. Weight and size reduction means that the units can be transporting without any specialist equipment.

12 hours autonomy

Provides over 12 hours of power with a single charge (1.5 hrs. charging)

Zero Noise

Unlike generator-powered solutions where the sound of the engine is impossible to eliminate, batteries operate silently.