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Many things have changed since the company Atlas was first founded in 1873, in Stockholm, Sweden, but the spirit of innovation remains. In the early days, we provided Swedish Rail with all types of equipment for building and running the nation’s new railway. But by the mid-1880s a strategic shift towards the production of more advanced products, such as steam engines and boilers, began.


A growing portfolio

The portfolio grew and we took up regular production of pneumatic tools in 1901 in a newly established pneumatics department. In 1917, we merged with Diesels Motorer, a manufacturer of marine engines and stationary diesel engines. The new company was named Atlas Diesel and during the 1920s, all operations were moved to Sickla, just outside Stockholm, where we are headquartered today.


Atlas Diesel becomes Atlas Copco

Although our pneumatics operations continued to go from strength to strength, the diesel operations went into a steep decline and had to be wound up in 1948. A new name was sought that would reflect the company’s operations and unite its foreign subsidiaries. The name Atlas Copco was chosen, derived from the name of a Belgian subsidiary – Compagnie Pneumatique Commerciale.


Atlas Copco today

Today we are an innovator provider of industrial productivity solutions, serving customers in over 180 countries, in almost every industry. Curious to learn more? Explore the milestones and developments over the years by visiting the dedicated history website (you will be redirected to the Atlas Copco Group website in English).