Atlas Copco holds global climate awareness event for all employees, enabling the transformation to a low-carbon society

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On November 30, 2022, we hold a global climate awareness event for our employees across the globe. We want to involve everyone in the Atlas Copco Group in the transformation to a low-carbon society.


By setting two Science-based targets for reduction of carbon emissions, Atlas Copco has made a clear climate commitment. We will reduce our direct carbon footprint, but also the indirect carbon footprint created when our products are used by our customers, enabling lower emissions and energy usage in our customers’ processes. For example, by enabling the development of new battery technologies for the electric vehicle industry, improving energy efficiency in factories with lower-emissions and more energy efficient compressors, offering solutions for renewable energy production and inventing sustainable solutions for the semiconductor industry. 


We already offer many products and solutions that can help reduce carbon emissions, but we need to continue to innovate and offer new sustainable solutions, and we want all our employees and teams to be part of that journey.


Our customers are increasingly interested in low-carbon, energy-efficient and more sustainable products. Atlas Copco Group continuously innovates and improves products and solutions to meet customers’ needs. That work will intensify in the coming years, and we are convinced this is a way to future-proof our company.


Please go to our website to learn more about how our four business areas are transforming their businesses to create a better future.


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