Be ready to pump!

Check power cable condition:

A rupture in the insulation can cause water to enter through the cable leading to a potential electrical hazard or major failure.



Check for external damages or loosen parts:

Periodical visual inspections help prevent possible breakdowns. Incorrect product usage or external factors can lead to damage on the pump housing that can lead to major failures on internal components due to water entry.



Oil check/change

To guarantee optimum lubrication and sealing performance in all applications, make sure the oil is replaced every 6 months or according to the instruction manual.






Inspect power cable sealing:

An improper sealing on the cable gland might cause water entry leading to a potential major electrical failure and consequent down time.



Check condition of electrical motor and safety devices:

A low insulation-resistive value can lead to an unexpected breakdown in operation. To prevent this Atlas Copco advises to periodicaly measure the stator insulation and check the functionality of all electrical safety devices.





Inspect condition and adjustment of wear parts:

It is advised to periodically check the condition of the wear components, as adjustments may be needed. We have developed Maintenance and Wear & Repair Kits that are handy to have on site for quick repair or preventative maintenance for maximum uptime and optimum performance.



Check condition and functioning of float switch:

This device assists in starting and stopping your pump automatically, any malfunction will impact your productivity or jeopardize the pump condition.