Midstream: LNG industry
Our extensive range assists you in the LNG business at every stage of your production and logistics chain.

100% oil free air for clean and safe production


Atlas Copco Rental offshore provides N2 for pipeline project in the North sea

Whether for liquefaction, receiving and unloading, storage or export-regasification and transport, our equipment delivers air and nitrogen at the right pressure levels, purities and temperatures for plants, ships and pipelines.
100% oil free compressors for maximal purity

The output of both our electric and diesel driven compressors is ISO-certified contamination-free, regardless of the operation conditions.

We have designed them for applications demanding the highest levels of purity, which makes them highly suitable for the LNG industry.

As the first company to produce ISO-certified oil-free compressed air, we guarantee zero risk of oil contamination. It means zero risk of damaged or unsafe production or of losses due to operational downtime - at every pressure level.