Technical parameters

  • Pressure dew point: -40°C to -70°C 
  • Pressure range: matching to your compressor 
  • Flow range: matching to your compressor

Heatless desiccant dryers have very low dew point levels

Making them perfect to dry pipelines or to generate instrumentation air.

For use in extreme outdoor conditions

Our purge control system results in high energy savings. The high quality components and protection frame make it a robust portable unit.
Pre air treatment & after air treatment

1 coalescing filter for removal of water, oil and particles. Dust particle afterfilter for maximum contaminant removal and minimum pressure drop.

Sonic nozzle build in

Protects the dryer from excessive mass flow.

User-friendly control system & Low noise

Atlas Copco Electronikon controller for timer based or dew point based control. Max 85dB(a) noise level (dual stage blow off).