Lean and light Atlas Copco utility compressor integrated on road signalization vehicles

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F.L. Gaspar (Sinalozacao E Equipamentos Rodoviarios) in Portugal turned to Atlas Copco when looking for a compressor for their road signalization vehicles. Their main requirements were performance and a small footprint for easy integration. As these vehicles drive 20.000 kilometres per year, weight was also to be considered. Atlas Copco’s new utility range was the perfect fit.

Our previous road signalization vehicle featured a XAS 47 without undercarriage. Although still performing, we were interested in the latest compressor technology for our new vehicle. Footprint and weight were crucial for us as the compressor is integrated on a road signalization vehicle that also fits operators and other equipment. On the other hand, we also required an increase in pressure and flow.

Mr. Nuno Figueiredo , Responsible for equipment at F.L. Gaspar

Designed for integration on vehicles

Atlas Copco proposed the Utility U 110 compressor; which provides a free air delivery of 2.8 m³/min at 10.5 bar pressure while weighing under 500 kg. Atlas Copco designed the Utility range for integration on utility vehicles. Footprint is of course an important design feature. And as these compressors are always on the road (instead of only towed when required); weight is also crucial. Compared to Gaspar’s previous XAS 47, the Utility U 110 is 82 kg lighter. As Gaspar’s vehicles drive 20.000 kilometers per year, any weight saving is welcome and has an immediate and significant impact on the total cost of ownership.


Another requirement for utility vehicles is the compressors can be operated and serviced from a single side. In addition, the 1500 hour service interval makes it easy to own an Atlas Copco compressor.




Our new Utility range was the perfect fit for F.L. Gaspar, It was designed to be integrated on utility vehicles with a small footprint and weight. Compared to the previous XAS 47, the weight is even 15% lower. Imagine the fuel savings as this is integrated on a road signalization vehicle that is constantly on the road!

Pedro Ferreira , Atlas Copco sales engineer