Atlas Copco Class 0 Oil-free Air and The Sparkling Summer Memory of Shanghai ZDXtend Integrated Air Supply Application Scheme for Shanghai Yanzhong Beverage

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Atlas Copco Class 0 Oil-free Air and The Sparkling Summer Memory of Shanghai

ZDXtend Integrated Air Supply Application Scheme for Shanghai Yanzhong Beverage

Open a bottle of Yanzhong salt soda water, the salty soda flavor will bubble up the memory of the most familiar taste for every Shanghainese.










Since Shanghai Yanzhong Beverage Co., Ltd (Yanzhong) was established in 1996, the Yanzhong salt soda water has always been the favorite summer beverage of most Shanghainese. For the past 20 years it has the number one position in sales of salt and soda products. With the continuous growth of the market demand Yanzhong invested and built a new production base in Luodian town, Baoshan District, Shanghai in 2016.

This new plant sets a higher standard for their production and expanding its scale. Mr. Zhang Lingfeng, chairman of Yanzhong, emphasized that they included the requirements for safety, efficiency, reliability and energy savings when inviting bids for a compressed air system.

Being a renowned beverage enterprise in the Yangtze River Delta region, Yanzhong states that it is of great importance to the quality and safety of their products. All production processes must eliminate any risk of oil contamination. In the production process, the PET bottle needs to be blown into shape at 40bar but if there is oil vapor in the existing or produced air it gets into the beverage bottle and it will thus affect the taste and smell of the product and endanger people's health. Moreover, the valve and actuator for bottle blowing, loading, capping, labeling and packaging should be powered by 7bar pressure system. If oil accumulates in the components of these machines, it will cause a blockage of parts and it can even shut down. In addition, if the air out from these components contains oil, it will pollute the production workshop and then contaminate the end product. The use of pure air in the beverage industry is absolute crucial and Atlas Copco's Class 0 oil-free air technology impressed the Yanzhong organization. Atlas Copco has been leading the development of oil-free air technology for the past 60 years, providing a series of oil-free air compressors designed for critical applications requiring 100% pure oil-free air. In 2008, as a leader of oil-free air compression technology, Atlas Copco became the first manufacturer to get the ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 oil-free air technology certificate. The products` pressure range from 300mbar to 40bar and reached a 26000m3/h exhaust volume. This certification is Atlas Copco's commitment to air purity and is a guarantee of the quality of customers' end products.

Mr. Hu Yaobin, Sales Director of Atlas Copco Oil-free air department, talked to the Chairman Zhang about the production process, the air demand and overall budget of the new plant in detail and developed the ZDXtend integrated air supply planndibe set of units supplies both low and high pressure oil-free air for production line, ZR110FF unit provides medium pressure gas source for packaging and instruments. At the same time, the medium pressure air source is pressurized to 40bar by a DX45 booster to provide the high-pressure bottle-blowing base carrier air source for the bottle-blowing line.

"Now, the unit`s performance has passed the trial of continuous production without stopping for 5 months in the peak season of 2017, Yanzhong reached a new sales record of 3.5 million cases" Zhang said. "Nowadays, Atlas Copco is the technical leader of oil-free air compressor and its stability, safety and high energy efficiency has brought confidence and guarantee for users` safe production without interruption, we no longer have to repair the air compressor at midnight!”

What is your memory of your summer beverage? Atlas Copco Class 0 oil-free compressed air ensures safe and healthy of every drop of sparkling bubbles in your favorite beverage.