Fully protected system

Delivering ISO 8573-1 (2010) Class 0 oil free air. For a fully protected system, our range of air dryers helps you avoid moisture contamination

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce production costs, increase your profitability. With the widest range of compression and drying technologies, we can deliver the lowest cost of ownership

ISO 22000 compliant

Compliant with the ISO 22000 food safety management system. Built to perform in food and beverage factories


The standard in food and beverage air compressors

Whether for sorting and ejecting, mixing, aerating substances, or inflating and stuffing products, compressed air for food and beverage applications must be absolutely clean and free of contamination. Only oil-free compressors can guarantee absolute air purity, and eliminate any chance of air-based contamination.

100% clean, 100% safe


Atlas Copco has set the standard for contamination-free compressed air in the food and beverage industry. You can rely on the largest range of oil free technologies within the industry, knowing that you work with the first compressor manufacturer to achieve ISO 8573-1 (2010) Class 0 clean air, certified by TÜV Rheinland. Food and beverage air produced by our compressors is completely free of oil aerosols and vapors to protect your hard-won reputation.


First to be ISO 22000 certified


When ISO 22000 emerged as the most important global Food & Beverage quality standard, we have become the first compressor manufacturer to be awarded the certification for our Oil-free Air Division production facility in Antwerp, Belgium: 

  •  manufacturing equipment made in a clean, safe environment
  •  increased transparency with documented Food Safety Management Systems in place 
  • our experts can contribute towards our customers’ ISO 22000 certification process

Atlas Copco supplies oil-free compressed air to Coca-Cola

At home in the food and beverage industry

Make decades of experience in food and beverage work for you:

  • certified technology
    first to receive ISO 22000 and ISO 8573-1 (2010) CLASS 0, for all oil-free air compressors 
  • pushing boundaries in performance 
    first to integrate Variable Speed Drive, oil free screw technology and rotary drum technology 
  • global installed base 
    Thousands of compressed air installations throughout the world, with many of the world’s largest food and beverage companies

Automation air

Compressed air is used to control the valves and actuators in automated lines for filling, packaging and bottling. With oil-free compressed air, you prevent your automation components from jamming and keep your end product safe


Compressed air is used to push powdered milk or cocoa powder along pipes.
With oil-free air, you will avoid oil contaminant mixing with the powder and maintain the powder purity

Cleaning air

Compressed air for cleaning bottles, packaging and moulding prior to filling. Oil in compressed air will contaminate the food containers and alter the flavour and odour of the end product, besides being a health hazard

Air blowing, aeration

Compressed air is pumped into a liquid to boost its oxygen content. This is used, for example, in fish farming to oxygenate water in lower layers and/or oxidize the sediments. Oil contamination in the air will kill the fish and other fauna


Compressed air supplies oxygen to bacteria during fermentation to produce food ingredients such as citric acid, wine, yoghurt… The presence of even small oil traces will affect bacterial activity, create a substandard product and contaminate the end product

Food storage

In the air separation process, compressed air is broken up into oxygen and nitrogen. The nitrogen is then used to preserve foods in cans, in larger storage facilities and in maritime transport. The air must be 100% oil-free as the nitrogen comes directly into contact with the food. Oil will also destroy the membranes in psa plants which are expensive to replace

Cooling and spraying

Compressed air is used to cool down baked goods after they emerge from the oven. Contamination of the air spoils the end product leading to rejections and production losses

Food and beverage customer stories

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Compressed air solutions for Food & Beverage