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Atlas Copco ZD booster brings a compressed air revolution for Sanhua Group.  

-    Hangzhou Sanhu

28 reciprocating compressors VS 1 booster

These two pictures were taken in the same compressor room. This compressor room is located in the automobile thermal management control parts manufacturing plant of Hangzhou Sanhua group.

Sanhua holding group co., LTD. (Sanhua) started its business in 1984.

Today it is a leading worldwide OEM supplier providing the highest quality components for automotive, appliance and HVAC&R industries.

When Sanhua and Atlas Copco started working together, we noticed that 28 reciprocating compressors (each 11KW) were used as the air source to conduct high pressure test for automotive engine valves (picture 1). However, the problem occurred only after one year of usage. On the one hand, the effect of interstage cooling was insufficient, the absence of intermediate drying equipment led to high liquid content and easy damage of parts like air valves, which directly affected energy efficiency. On the other hand, the need for an additional dryer made clear that other problems needed to be solved. These issues reduced operational potential during more than one year because of the loss of generated air volume.

The on-site staff said “our employees are always on site for maintenance and its complex to meet the total air demand.”

“We fully understand the customer's dilemma. The traditional set-up of multiple small units results in high energy consumption, high dew-point, high noise levels and short maintenance intervals” said Xue Zhihao, product specialist from Atlas Copco. “So, we have brought in the ZD 1200 booster, an energy-saving screw compressor to Sanhua. This compressor could replace the original set-up with just one screw element easily.”

ZD series compressors core technology is not only a simple combination of a screw compressor and a booster but it’s the integration of these elements in the overall design. From a 4-stage compression process closer to isothermal compression, the in-house developed MD drying technique, to the screw element, motor and advanced control technology for drive systems and optimized design of shielded cables, fan control, the ZD series products are more reliable, highly efficient and give the customer significant energy savings.

Site VS. Data

What we see in the updated compressor room is only a few machines in a clean space The differcence between before and after is huge.

In this table we compare the actual data for both systems. It immediately shows the strengths of the ZD inverter compressor.

Sanhua always takes "Innovation and Transcendence" as the new strategic development orientation, and "developing energy savings and low-carbon economy, creating quality and green environment" as their vision, especially values the high energy efficiency and energy-savings effect of Atlas Copco ZD compressor. If the running operation is taken 8000 hours in a year as an example, the energy consumption saved per year will be: ((25X11-205) +10) X8000=640,000 KW, meaning the payback of investment is less than three years.

Sanhua had tasted sweet of innovation by using ZD1200 for more than six months. So they chose Atlas Copco's ZD1200 compressor unit in their latest project without even giving it a second thought. Atlas Copco and Sanhua believe that the energy consumption is booming in recent years.

Note: Atlas Copco and Sanhua believe that the energy consumption is booming in recent years  -do you mean energy prices will boom?

Support behind revolutionary change

ZD series is a hybrid solution of high-pressure air.

Taking advantage of the oil-free screw technology in the medium pressure air generation, the high efficiency drum air dryer is utilized to remove the moisture before the booster, and the oil-free piston technology for high pressure supercharging.

Intelligent management

All operation parameters are manageable, automatic alarm and chain shutdown preventive maintenance are accessible via a remote monitoring system.

The VSD speed is controlled by Elektronikon controller through a frequency converter and a frequency conversion motor, comparing the outlet pressure with the set pressure value.

If the outlet pressure increases (air consumption decreases), the speed decreases

If the outlet pressure decreases (air consumption increases), the speed increases

Class 0 oil-free certification

In the past 60 years, Atlas Copco has been leading the development of oil-free air technology, providing a series of oil-free air compressors designed for critical applications requiring 100% pure oil-free air. In 2008, Atlas Copco got the ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 oil-free air technology certificate. It is the first manufacturer to get this certification in the entire energy industry. Ultimately giving their customers the peace of mind they deserve.