Increasing your productivity with high-pressure CO2 compressors

Delivering high pressures above 200 bar reliably and efficiently, our proven centrifugal gas compressors are up to your task

Efficiency and reliability urea fertilizer plants

Efficiency and reliability are critical factors in your urea plant. Powered by integrally-geared technology, our centrifugal gas compressors are widely recognized in the industry.

Levering our gas compressor experience for the fertilizer industry

Decades of experience supplying gas compressors for high-end applications, like high-pressure CO2 compressors for urea production, gas compressors for ammonia production, melamine, and for nitric acid

Watch our high-pressure CO2 compressor in action

Did you know?

Our CO2 compressors minimize CO2 leakage in your process, and eliminate wear and tear on your compressor. Our dry-face seal technology release 35 times less CO2 to the atmosphere than standard seals