Efficient and reliable high-volume air supply

With the most robust and efficient centrifugal air compressor solution, we make sure you get the very most for your specific application

Optimum CAPEX for your air compressor investment

Simplified design and reduced component complexity for your industrial gases air compressor. Our global supply chain ensures that you get an optimum CAPEX

Lifetime of reliable compressor operation

Growing industrial gases demand has driven a new generation of large-scale air separation units. Many of these modern units require higher main air supply levels and higher efficiency than what was needed a few years ago. In meeting your new challenges, we draw from our air compressor heritage to bring you the best solution

Designed for many industrial gases applications

From towering air separation units serving steel plants to complex and winding chemical plant structures, our centrifugal air compressors are at the heart of many industrial gases applications.

Those include:

  • air separation (main air, booster air, nitrogen booster, oxygen compression)
  • hydrogen carbon monoxide plants (HYCO)