Maximum reliability for LNG gas compressors and LNG expanders

In your LNG operation, uptime is a premium, making maximum equipment reliability a must-have success factor. Providing market leading mean time between failures (MTBF), our LNG solutions are built to boost your productivity, consistently.

Well of innovation, wealth of experience

A market as fast-paced as LNG needs dynamic ideas on the cutting edge of technology. Always with our finger on the pulse of the market and your needs, we have built more than five decades of experience of developing and advancing LNG solutions.

Small footprint, maximum LNG compressor efficiency

Especially in LNG offshore environments, every square meter literally counts. Being lean, power-optimizing machines, Atlas Copco centrifugal and screw compressors, LNG expanders and companders deliver maximum efficiency to your application in a compact package. Work with the smallest possible footprint.

Compressors, turboexpanders and companders for the entire LNG value stream

Get all you need from one supplier as you drive your LNG business forward. Whether heavy-spec and custom-engineered or standardized solution, you’ll find we offer end-to-end gas compressor, hydrocarbon expander and compander solutions for every LNG application, both offshore and onshore. Take a look at the applications where our LNG solutions deliver value:

  • floating LNG (FLNG)
  • carrier LNG (cLNG)
  • LNG liquefaction (Export)
  • LNG regassification (Import)
  • LNG as fuel
  • Smale-scale LNG (SSLNG)