Efficient and robust solutions for natural gas processing

The composition of the natural gas coming from your wells can differ. With decades of industry experience and know-how, our turboexpanders and gas compressors are designed to handle changing natural gas processing conditions reliably and efficiently.

Adding value to midstream operations

One value of natural gas lies in commodity products such as ethane, butane, or propane, later used in many downstream processes such as chemical & petrochemical. We will efficiently and consistently enable you to get maximum value of your natural gas to liquids (NGL) process.

Maximum reliability for CNG stations

CNG stations rarely operate stand-by compressors, making reliability an extremely important criterion when investing in your compressor. Our OPEX-friendly compressors for CNG stations are built to run trouble-free, with long service intervals. That makes them a very attractive solution for demanding CNG environments.

Global turbomachinery aftermarket reach

To safeguard the availability of your equipment and entire plant in the long term, we have a global 24/7 aftermarket network of compressor and expander experts to cover your service needs.

Excellent efficiency and uptime for gas processing plants

A large portion of your gas processing plant investment comes from compressor and expander equipment, and power costs, making reliability and efficiency critical factors in your operation. With more than four decades of experience, we offer proven equipment that has delivered robust and efficient compressor and expanders to the midstream sector time and again.

Covering the entire natural gas value stream

From the gas well upstream and LNG, through the midstream, all the way to petrochemical downstream, our equipment covers industry process needs with standardized or custom-made solutions.

In the midstream, our centrifugal gas compressor, turboexpanders and piston compressors can be used in applications such as: natural gas processing (natural gas to liquids, natural gas treatment), compressed natural gas (virtual pipeline, natural gas vehicles) , and gas gathering and degassing