ISO 8573-1 Class 0

Built to perform in textile factories, reducing risks of rejections and avoiding production downtime. You can trust in the quality of air from our products with ISO 8573 -1 class 0 certification

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Long service intervals

Optimize your production with extended service intervals minimizing down time, and increasing your productivity and profitability

Saving energy

Our energy efficient compressors help improve your profitability as well as save the environment. Dedicated hybrid solutions for large installations

Oil-free compressed air for all textile applications

Reliable compressed air is crucial in advanced textile manufacturing processes today. Decades of partnering with the world’s leading textile manufacturers has given us a keen sense of what is exactly required in the textile industry, for many different applications. Oil-free air protects your equipment from damage, avoids oil contaminating your precious end-products and it will keep your hard-won reputation safe. It will increase your uptime and productivity, across many applications: 


  • air jet weaving
  • spinning including ring, open and air jet spinning
  • man-made fiber production including POY & FDY
  • texturizing
  • winding and dyeing nonwoven textiles
  • pneumatic transport for PET chips
  • waste water treatment
Save with optimal energy recovery

Our compressors have an energy recovery option that brings down your energy bill and recovers up to 95% of the electrical energy taken into the compressor. The heat produced by a compressor can be transferred to a water circuit, ready for a wide variety of uses such as:

  • heating feed water to boilers to produce steam
    used in man-made yarn and fiber treatment to achieve dimensional stability,
    wrinkle and temperature resistance, and increased volume
  • producing 70-90°C
    hot water used for fabric coloring

Compressed air solutions for Textile industry