High pressure oil-free air you can rely on

Designed for continuous reliable and safe operation at low cost, our oil-free reciprocating piston P-compressors are configured with 3 and 4 compression stages in a compact design.
Optimal lifetime

Advanced design reduces friction load. Excellent cooling and low inter-stage temperatures increase the lifetime of the machines.

Clean air

Eliminate the risk of oil contamination to your process and minimize the risk of operational downtime: P-compressors are ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified.

Save on energy and maintenance

The Elekronikon® control unit gives a detailed overview of your operational status. The horizontal skid design enables quick and easy maintenance.

24 hours reliable operation
P-compressors are built to operate round the clock for all your oil-free high pressure applications. Thanks to 3 and 4 compression stages (with pressure ratios up to 42 bar(e) ), they perform in the most stringent environments. The elimination of most friction load, anti-vibration mounts, excellent cooling and low inter-stage temperatures increase the lifetime of the machines and make them your reliable source of oil-free high pressure air. ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified means no oil contamination will effect your end product. The compressors are delivered on a single skid for easy and safe maintenance. Thanks to the Elektronikon® control unit, you can tailor the air pressure to your specific needs, reducing energy costs and increasing your overall operating efficiency.