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Zero oil, zero risk

When it comes to compressed air for your patients, you cannot afford to compromise. Choose our oil-free medical air compressors, all ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified.

Full compliance

Our medical compressors are developed to meet the essential requirements of the ISO7396 or the HTM02-01. Special attention has been given to assure risk-free operation in combination with our central control system.

Advanced control and monitoring

For maximum efficiency and reliability, the Elektronikon® Mk5 controls the main drive motor and regulates your system. With the ES-Medical controller, your medical air system is fully monitored

Easy maintenance

A robust air inlet filter offers a long lifetime and high reliability. Long service intervals, low maintenance needs.

Energy savings

To help you save energy, our ZT-MED is also available as variable speed drive (VSD) compressor. By varying the speed of the drive motor, the compressor output closely follows your air demand, which is ideal for fluctuating air needs.

Quiet operation

The vertical layout of the coolers in our ZT-MED compressor reduces the noise levels from the fans, motor and element. Thanks to its sound-insulated canopy, you do not need additional sound isolation.

ZT-MED for higher flow ranges
Our ZT-MED tooth compressors meet your needs for oil-free air while offering a wide flow range and improved energy efficiency. Designed specifically to be part of a medical air system, they provide the highest levels of reliability. The ZT-MED eliminates risks of oil contamination and the resulting extra costs.

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