Zero oil, zero risk

When it comes to air for your patients, you simply cannot afford to compromise. Rely on our oil-free medical air compressors: ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified.

Unsurpassed purity

Our medical air systems provide certified medical air, even in situations where the air intake may contain high concentrations of ambient pollution.

Wide range of medical compressors

We offer a wide range of pressure and flow, using 5 different technologies to produce medical air: piston, tooth, scroll, water injected and screw.

Monitor your plant online

Thanks to the ES-Medical Controller, you can control and monitor your complete air system over LAN to get the most out of your Medical air system.

Easy installation

During the factory test of the uAIR medical air plant, we run through all system settings, reducing the installation & commissioning time on site at your hospital.

Simplified certification

The medical sector is more tightly regulated than ever before. That’s why we pre-certify our medical systems to simplify your certification processes upon installation.

uAIR for complete control, complete safety

Our uAIR Medical Air system packs specially designed, medical air compressors and dryers to provide you with an uninterrupted, clean air supply in critical situations. Each compressor and dryer is subjected to comprehensive Quality Assurance controls, and is thoroughly tested prior to dispatch. The uAIR system gives you total control over your installation, full integration into your Building Management System, and compliance to ISO 7396-1, including medical alarm and monitoring requirements.


We offer a wide range of oil-free medical air compressors, developed specifically to comply with the specific medical requirements and regulations. With patient lives at stake, the choice is easily made for oil-free medical air compressors. You ultimately remove any risk of feeding oil into the hospital pipelines and delivering it to patients. As the market leader in oil-free technology, we have more than 60 years of experience and a global install base of over 40.000 oil-free compressors.

Class 0 means:

  • Zero risk for patients 
  • Zero risk of contaminating hospital pipelines 
  • Zero risk of damaging expensive equipment 
  • Zero risk of damaging your hospital’s hard-won professional reputation
Due to the critical nature of the applications relying on the system, we paid extreme attention to every single stage of the installation. All the equipment installed complies with the medical ISO standards and came pre-certified and tested from the factory.

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