Guaranteed silicone-free

We produce our SFA filter housings and elements in a clean room environment and clean and test them according to certified procedures.

Maximum contaminant removal

Our SFA filter ensures maximum removal of dry and wet dust, particulates, oil aerosol and water droplets through its high-efficiency glass fiber and fleece media.

Energy savings

The design and media used for our compressed air filters minimize reduction in pressure.

High performance

High-quality materials such as stainless steel cores, double O-rings, epoxy sealed caps and anti-corrosive coated filter housings are selected to ensure high performance and reliability.

Easy maintenance

Push-on elements and external ribs on the threaded housing make filter maintenance easier.

SFA ensures superb air purity
Our high-quality silicone-free SFA filters safeguard your instruments and end products by efficiently preventing dry and wet dust, particulates, oil aerosol, oil vapour and water drops from entering your compressed air system. The SFA is certified by the Fraunhofer Institute as guaranteed silicone-free.
Although our standard compressed air filters thoroughly clean air, they still have potential to release silicone into the air stream from lubricants, components and processes used during manufacturing. That’s why it is crucial to install SFA silicone-free filters to prevent major problems from occurring such as paint defects like craters and blisters, or even poor paint adhesion.
Silicone-free industries