Guaranteed quality

In-house production and testing of our parts means we offer you the ultimate quality guarantee: each new component delivers the same performance as the part it replaces. Backing that promise, all parts are manufactured to meet OEM and international standards specifications

Improved efficiency

Our experts have instant access to your equipment specifications, including accuracy grade, material composition, and process-specific data. The result: quick and efficient response, even at short notice

Maximum uptime for your process

Using genuine parts and the right lubricant increases your machine availability and lifetime

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Genuine spare parts for gas & process turbomachinery

Only original Atlas Copco parts can provide reliable, long-term operations of your machinery. We produce the majority of our spare parts in-house , then store critical post-sale information in our extensive product database. Whenever you require maintenance or upgrades of your Atlas Copco gas & process turbomachinery, our performance genuine parts deliver on our long-term service commitment. Even after many years, our experts remain up to date on your applications and processes, so they can respond quickly and efficiently to your service needs. As part of our preventative maintenance plan, our in-field experts perform regular machine inspections on your machines – usually once per year – and order parts ahead of time to avoid downtime. Make sure to ask your service representative about our Preventative Maintenance Plan, stored on-site and containing genuine Atlas Copco parts for easy access.

Considering a production or process expansion?
We rely on genuine parts for a full scope of revamps and upgrades to your existing equipment. That way, you can meet new productivity levels without needing to invest in new machinery. Ask our experts at any time about revamp and upgrade options. After all, nobody knows your processes better than Atlas Copco. And the experts at your nearest Atlas Copco service facility are right there when it comes to reconditioning your turbomachinery with original factory parts.