Reduce energy consumption

Heat is an inevitable byproduct of air compression. Energy Recovery solutions allow you to reuse that thermal energy

Limit your carbon footprint

Re-using the free-heat helps you reduce emissions which is positive for the environment

Cut back costs

Energy Recovery lowers your plant’s overall energy consumption and enables you to save costs

What do I lose if I don’t recover my compression heat?
A staggering 94% of the energy an air compressor consumes, is converted into heat. Without Energy Recovery, this costly thermal energy vanishes into the atmosphere via the cooling system and radiation. Energy Recovery can reclaim a large portion of that heat for reuse, resulting in significant savings. The actual savings depend on your compressor installation, air system and waste heat applications.
Why should I care about energy recovery
Whether to maintain market share or to comply with sustainability standards, sooner or later you have to limit your carbon footprint. Many governments offer financial support for investing in energy efficiency.
What does recycling compressor heat mean?
It means you can scale down or eliminate boilers and other equipment that generates heat or steam for industrial processes. You can save on installations, maintenance, energy and carbon emissions. Based on your compressor set-ups, Atlas Copco can determine your possible savings with the Energy Saving Potential Calculator. It shows you how much waste heat you can recover and how much you can save on your total energy bill.
Start saving energy
Stop wasting your hard-earned money. There is a hassle-free Energy Recovery solution for every Atlas Copco air compressor. And with the optional Energy Counter you can keep track of how much energy you save. Discover what Energy Recovery solutions can do for you. Contact your Atlas Copco representative today